Welcome To The New Adventure

A member of the local approached me a few weeks ago with an idea: let’s make a place where we can all share our stories, ideas, and thoughts about doing our job better, safer, and more efficiently….otherwise known as our’ best practices.’

It’s a place where we can openly discuss new ways of doing things, changes to the way that we have been doing things, interesting articles that you have found, strange/interesting building construction that you have found in your first due, a new method to accomplish a basic evolution, and a place to share and discuss what happened on that call last night. It’s also a place to ask ‘why?’ Why do we do it that way? 

The intent? Let’s continue to develop and open the communication and learning flow. Let’s not hinder ourselves by filtering the content. If it’s worth sharing and you have found it interesting in your firehouse, let’s have it. We will all be better for it. 

Rules? Simple: Keep it operational or firehouse based. Keep it appropriate for all ages, peoples, and readers. Don’t hold back on submitting something. Don’t bash someone for submitting something. Have fun. Learn. Try. Share. There is no rank here. EVERYONE has a voice.

How to post: Take the opportunity and write an article or an e-mail. Find a good video on You Tube. Take some pictures of that new way of doing things. Ask a question. Once you have done that, send it to me in an e-mail and I will post it. Once it’s posted, anyone can write comments at anytime – which is where the discussion will happen. The only changes that will be made will be made by you (other than grammar or spelling; I will take care of that)….you might receive a reply asking to change something to make sure that your post is inline with the intent of the blog. If you want to create a post or ask a question without submitting your name, just let me know.

~ by littlehippie on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “Welcome To The New Adventure”

  1. I think this a GREAT venture for your members. We often times have great things to share and have a hard time doing so. I also believe that we could use this to clear up rumors as well as understand decisions that were made duing incidents and such..

    Love it….I will help if needed too.

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