The Wye Line

This is an excellent article on the uses and features of the wye-line that is in place on the engine companies. The article was written by Lt. Cameron Nelson. 

The Wye Line .pdf (right-click to download the article)


~ by littlehippie on December 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Wye Line”

  1. Hey O..can’t get the PDF file…
    Sorry to hear about Ahna’s cousin…welcome back. We need to catch up when I get back from vacation in MN.
    Talk soon.

  2. Great article and strong work! LT Nelson, don’t you work on a truck?

    Try to remember not to drape the step on Engine 1 and 4 with the 2 1/2 loops. I find it difficult enough to get up and down off these things without having to step on the long loops of the wyed line.

  3. Anything to think about related to Dell’s comment…

    Don’t forget about the arrow stick on the engines when loading the hose. Try not to block this as it is vitally important during our roadway incidents….nice article Nelson.

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